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Destin Wedding Photographer

Destin Wedding Photography by Craig Garrison

We specialize in portraits of couples in love.

You have a beautiful love story you want to celebrate and honor, and you are looking for the perfect Destin wedding photographer to help you tell your story in the most beautiful way possible. We love creating great pictures that capture the love and tenderness of each couple. It’s a privilege to share all of the amazing moments shared by our couples. Our mission is to capture and help you feel the same happiness you have experienced on your wedding day the moment you see your wedding photos again. That’s what we do.

Destin Wedding Photography by Craig Garrison

Capturing great memories…

As a Destin beach wedding photographer, I also know how important is to create great memories that last forever. Just think: wouldn’t you love to have been at your parents’ wedding all those years ago?

Wedding photos and video help us travel back in time and see our younger parents and relatives (Wow, mom was beautiful and dad had hair!). This is the gift you are offering to your older self and also your family.

We have photographed many Destin beach wedding stories before, and we know how important it is for you to have the most beautiful photos of all the small moments, the look in his eyes, a detail of your lace wedding gown… single moment that will become a chapter of your story.

Preparation is key: all of our camera equipment is top of the line Canon gear; we also have a plan B in case something doesn’t go as expected. We will have your insights and vision, and our wide experience in Destin wedding photography will allow us to do the right photo at the right time and even capture some moments you will miss!

…in different and beautiful locations

We have photographed some of the greatest locations all over the US. Even though we specialize in Destin wedding photography, we also have have experience in destination weddings. We have been to Atlanta, Ontario and California – just to name a few.

We love Destin and its emerald waters, and we know the best places and hours to shoot the perfect pictures. It’s all about your wedding, and you can count on us to adapt to better help you create your perfect dream wedding memories.

Your wedding location is your setting, your background, and it’s also an element of your photography. So it’s a very important bond established with the location. If you are from Destin, your Destin beach wedding photographer will ask you what your story and connection is to the beach where you are going to marry-why is it your place?

We will not miss capturing forever a beautiful moment in that setting so important for your story. Even in a destination wedding, you will establish a deep connection with the location you are choosing, and it’s important to show that bond to the world.

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Destin Wedding Photographer

The perfect mix of Destin beach wedding photography…

A beautiful photo is not taken by chance. It takes years of learning and experience to have the knowledge to go ”click” at the right time. Since our first camera during grade school and our learning with a manual camera (exposure had to be done right, otherwise everything was lost.), we have always loved to improve our work.

With the advent of digital imaging, which we have embraced since the beginning, we now have new possibilities to capture the perfect moment. Our expertise meets your vision to create your images. We work together around the style, the colors; we will give you some tips on how to get the perfect photos in order to accomplish your dream.

Destin Beach Wedding Photography

Expertise and preparation are the key, but editing is also a major skill that a Destin beach wedding photographer must have. Brightening, darkening, correcting the light, making color or size adjustments and good artwork is essential for successful wedding photography.

In video work, the editing is even more important: the background music, the sequencing of the images with the music…you can tell a whole new story with video editing! Editing is a daunting task but a very important one: As important as capturing the right moments is to do a good post-production job to make those moments shine!

We take great pleasure not only in capturing the images and video but also in editing, and turning a great images even better. We strive to give you the most romantic and memorable images and video movies possible!

…and knowing you can trust your Destin wedding photographer

When hiring your Destin beach wedding photographer there are so many questions you will have…if you can choose which photos to take; when will you receive your photos; can you see them online; can you legally print the photos…that’s why it is very important to be sure to hire a top professional that not only assures the best photos and videos, but one who also gives you the best value regarding the quality and reliability you will need.

It’s essential to establish all of your expectations and any possible delays from the beginning, and that way you know what you can count on. The big difference between hiring a Destin wedding photography professional and having your wedding photography done by somebody in your family is the fact that a professional will make everything as promised, and if something goes wrong, the professional will have a Plan B.

We want you to fall in love over and over again with your Destin beach wedding photos.

We want you to smile every time you see your wedding photos again. Our goal is to create the perfect image that will become iconic within your family and go with you as a couple all through the years. The photos your children will remember and cherish. We want you to have the best experience ever with your Destin wedding photographer.

Your photographer will guide you in order to get the best photos, but we will also let you and your guests forget we are there. And that’s when the magic happens, and great memories are created. We know the more smoothly everything goes, the more relaxed and happy you are when you look at your wedding photos. And that’s exactly what we want to provide: the best experience for a unique day.

At the end of the day, that’s why we have chosen to embrace Destin wedding photography as our profession. We are creating memories not only for you and your husband, but also family and friends as well. You want everything to be unforgettable. We want to help you achieve that goal, and give our 200% or more, to assure you keep the best memories of your perfect day. We would love to hear your story and to know more about your wedding. Contact us and let us document your love story for eternity.