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Beach Wedding FAQ

Must I apply for a marriage license in the state and county where I live? 2017-08-10T23:03:18+00:00

No, a marriage license may be applied for and solemnized in any Florida county. You can not use a license issued from your home state because it is not recognized in Florida.

What are the marriage license requirements? 2017-08-10T23:01:36+00:00

Both parties must be present when applying for a marriage license and each must present one of the following forms of identification:

  • Valid government-issued photo driver license issued in the United States
  • Valid federal or state photo identification card
  • Valid government-issued Passport or Consular photo ID

Birth certificates or green cards are NOT accepted

If either person was previously married, the manner in which the last marriage ended and the exact date the marriage ended (month, day and year) are required. Copies of the death certificate, final decree of divorce, annulment or blood test are not required. You do not have to be a resident of Florida to apply.

How can I reserve my wedding date? 2017-08-10T22:55:11+00:00

We require a retainer fee of 1/3 of the total cost of the wedding. The only way for us to keep track of inquiries and book dates is to have it on a first come, first serve basis. By this we mean, the first one to send in their retainer and sign the contract gets the date. The retainer is subtracted from the total of your package price.

How far in advance should I reserve my wedding minister? 2017-08-10T22:51:05+00:00

As soon as possible. Most brides book us months in advance to make sure they are on our calendar. We will often work seven days a week in most of the warm weather months, especially June, July and August. Friday, Saturday and Sundays are often the first days booked. Call us now at (850) 974-2990 to reserve your date before it is gone. Because we are in and out of the office, please leave a voicemail or follow up with an email if we don’t answer the telephone. Thank you.

What if I don’t want something in the complete package? 2017-08-10T22:31:39+00:00

We want to customize a wedding that is suitable to your needs. We may be able to exchange one part of the package for something else or somehow adjust it to your needs. We want to include your creative ideas as well so you will enjoy looking at your wedding portraits for the rest of your lives.

What is the best time of day to hold a beach wedding in Destin? 2017-08-10T22:52:39+00:00

The best time for Destin beach weddings is about 1 to 1 1/2 hours before sunset. If you are scheduled for a sunset wedding and arrive more than 15 minutes late, we may not be able to take the amount of photos in your package. And there will be no adjustment on costs. Call us and we will give you the sunset time for your location and date.

What about having two photographers? 2017-08-10T21:23:43+00:00

Some companies offer two-photographer coverage where both professionals are taking pictures. This allows for better coverage of the overall day. One photographer can be shooting the bride and bridesmaids, while the other is covering the groom and groomsmen. If you have only one photographer, he/she cannot be in two places at once. During the reception and formal portraits, one photographer can focus on posed images and the other on wedding photo-journalism.

However, if this is the kind of coverage you are looking for, be prepared to spend much more than if you were to have only one photographer. This is due to one simple fact: if both photographers are shooting your wedding, they will not be able to schedule additional weddings on your date.

Suppose I want more copies in the future? 2017-08-10T21:22:21+00:00

Obtain the high-resolution digital files, which will either be included or available for purchase. However, keep in mind that the photographer is not only giving you the files, but the right to legally reproduce them on your own. Be prepared to pay extra for this privilege. We can provide a secondary copyright release so you can take them elsewhere for printing. If you own the images, you can use them on a website, email them and make acceptable prints.

I have found it takes a professional color lab to produce rich color high quality prints from digital files, so owning the files does not automatically guarantee you are going to get the best wedding images at the best price. You can also go back to the photographer for a short period of time to purchase extra prints at a better quality.

How many flash drive copies of my images will I get? 2017-08-10T21:20:30+00:00

Each package gets 1 copy of the flash drive for the bride and groom. Additional flash drives for parents and family and friends are at a reduced price until the files are deleted from our workstation. We do archive your files to an off board hard drive and to a duplicate flash drive so all files are still available for a minimum period of two years.

You never know when the next hurricane, flood or tornado will strike, so it is a good thing to purchase an additional copy or two for security sake and leave them in your parents houses or rent a safe deposit box and stash them away. All additional flash drives are shipped to the bride and grooms address unless an additional payment has been made for postage. Overnight shipping and other expedited shipping is available and is paid by the client.

How fast can we see our images? 2017-08-10T21:18:43+00:00

Generally in 2 to 3 days. Most of the time your images will be posted to an online gallery before they arrive at your residence! Your family and friends can view and order any professionally printed lab prints they choose. You will also receive your own flash drive in the mail.

How many images will you take? 2017-08-10T21:17:07+00:00

It depends on the level of service we are hired for. Please see our wedding packages. We photograph in “RAW” format and they take a special software to view. RAW files look rather dull until they they are post-processed (in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop) and then converted to jpegs which is what most people’s computers can read. These are first generation jpegs with no quality loss due to compression.

What if my ceremony or wedding runs late or into overtime? 2017-07-24T17:26:28+00:00

Each of our Destin beach packages include a certain quantity of time. All time runs from the scheduled start of the ceremony. We realize that schedules don’t always go as planned and if you decide you would like keep the photographer stay longer, there is an overtime rate of only $150.00 per hour. It is very important to build in enough time into your wedding day schedule, so please start on time.

What equipment is used and why did you chose these components? 2017-07-24T17:25:15+00:00

It varies based on whichever package is chosen. We use a variety of Canon cameras. From the full frame 5D and EOS1D mark ||| to multiple 70D bodies and a 60D. If additional light is necessary, we have all Can 580 model 2 flashes. We chose these components because they work well together on the beach and in the lower lighting situations we find at most receptions. The Canon cameras can even record in low light situations! Our equipment list may be upgraded at any time without notice.

What about black and white or soft focus photography? 2017-07-24T17:24:46+00:00

That is why the God of photography invented digital! Digital capture in color leaves open the option of having the final print on sepia, black and white, or color, soft or sharp focus, or with special effects and filters. Making a print with part of the image is in color and the rest is in black and white is a very popular option with today’s brides. We can easily convert any color file that has been posted online to black and white. You or your photographer can decide when the images are printed or put into an album what looks best for each image.

Who chooses the pictures that go into the album? 2017-07-24T17:24:15+00:00

After looking at all the proof images, the bride and groom usually decide what goes into the album. Some photographers will suggest a layout for your album or design the album for you. You will benefit from the photographer’s eye and feel for the wedding. You will probably let your parents decide what pictures go into their album.

Since the year 2000, the Magazine Album (also called Template Album, Table-top Album, Storybook Album) uses digital techniques to put more than one image on a page. I recommend you have your professional oversee the design and production of the album, since complete wedding photography is the combination of images captured on the wedding day and the final design, cropping, color correction, and special effects that complement the initial images.

What about getting an album? 2017-07-24T17:23:49+00:00

Some photographers offer “Packages,” each package having a set number of hours, images, and certain number of final pictures in an album. It might be better to get a package that includes an album that the photographer will assemble completely, because most of us never get around to putting our pictures in albums if we have to do it ourselves. Brides love our new multi image and panoramic page albums. Consider ordering parents’ albums too. If your parents’ vision is less than perfect, they would really appreciate getting an album with large photographs so the faces are easy to see!

Why don’t many photographers give you printed proofs any more? 2017-07-24T17:22:47+00:00

Now proofs are usually in digital form – on a website, CD, or DVD. Because some customers can scan photographs, printed proofs are a problem for the professional

From the photographer’s point of view, paper proofs have become a liability. Dishonest clients are scanning the proofs and making low quality prints. Just as DVD manufacturers have made it difficult to copy their product, photographers will move toward proof presentations that protect the photographer’s copyright. Online proofing is a great solution.

Will we be able to use our deposit toward a future date if we have to change our wedding date? 2017-08-10T22:52:22+00:00

You can use the deposit for up to one year from your original wedding date. A mutually agreed upon date on the calendar must be available for us to do this. It is up to the bride and groom to call us at 850.974.2990 before confirming your new wedding date.

If we cancel the wedding, will we receive our deposit back? 2017-08-10T22:52:16+00:00

No, unfortunately our deposits are actually a retainer fee to guarantee your spot on our calendar. Once we have received your deposit, we can not accept any other clients for that date and time. Retainers paid are NOT refundable. We will also have spent time and made payments to our employees and vendors.

How do I pay for your wedding services? 2017-08-10T22:52:07+00:00

We accept Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. We will also accept personal checks when the wedding date is more than 30 days into the future. The balance of the remainder is due 14 days before your wedding date. Please make your checks payable to “Craig’s Photographic Services”. When your retainer is received, we will send you a contract and a confirmation showing how much was paid and your balance due. Please call us at 850.974.2990 if you have any questions at all.

What locations are included in your service area? 2017-07-24T17:16:21+00:00

We service all of the beaches from Destin, Florida through highway 30A in South Walton County, Florida. We also routinely travel to St. George Island, Panama City Beach, Navarre, Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key and over to Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and Fort Morgan, Alabama. There is no extra charge to travel to any of these locations. We are also available to travel to whatever location in the southeastern United States you would like. There may be an additional travel charge for this service.

How much time will the photographer spend at my wedding? 2017-07-24T17:14:10+00:00

That is really up to you. You can have the photographer meet you where you are getting dressed, and keep taking pictures until you leave the reception. Or you may just want a few hours of photography, with a few formal photographs and some pictures of the ceremony.

Can you “pencil us in” for photography services? 2017-08-10T22:51:17+00:00

When you are serious about us doing photography at your wedding, let us know and we will pencil you into the calendar for a period of 5 business days. We will need to know within that time, and we will need to receive your signed contract and retainer fee.

How do I reserve my wedding date? 2017-07-24T17:10:46+00:00

We require a retainer fee of 1/3 down if your wedding date is more than four calendar months away, and If the calendar is within three months of your wedding date, then ½ of the balance fee is required. The only way for us to keep track of inquiries and book dates is to have it on a first come, first serve basis. By this we mean, the first one to send in their retainer and sign the contract gets the date. The retainer is subtracted from the total of your package price.

How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer? 2017-08-10T22:51:54+00:00

As soon as possible. Most brides book us months in advance to make sure they are on our calendar. We will often work seven days a week in most of the warm weather months-especially June, July and August. Friday, Saturday and Sundays are often the first days booked. Call us now at: 850.974.2990 to reserve your date before it is gone. Because we are in and out of the office, please follow up with an email if we don’t answer the telephone.

Shouldn’t I be asking, “What do I get and how much does it cost?” 2017-07-24T17:08:48+00:00

Even shopping for shoes or furniture, you wouldn’t ask that question until you find the style and quality you like. After you have looked through a photographer’s portfolio – seeing candids, formals, and illustrative pictures, you will know if this photographer has the technique, style, and spirit to be the eyes through which you and your children will see your wedding day. Of course, you should determine if the photographer is within your budget, give or take a little, but what you really want from photography is memories and feeling.

If you find a photographer who makes you happy, you will never regret your investment, whatever the dollar cost. When we have invested in items that will be with us for the rest of our lives, our satisfaction has been highest when we have paid that extra bit for the best quality.

What is the first question I should ask the photographer? 2017-07-24T17:08:08+00:00

Once you have established that the photographer is available for your date and location, you will want to ask, “If we select your studio, will you be the photographer covering our wedding?” Some studios have several photographers and you may be speaking to a salesperson. If this is the case, you should make arrangements to meet with and see the work of the particular photographer who will be doing your wedding.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional photographer? 2017-07-24T17:02:52+00:00

A professional photographer will be timely – arriving at your wedding promptly, and has just the right digital equipment to photograph your wedding. Having attended many weddings, an experienced photographer will be at ease at your wedding. A professional uses a color laboratory that is in the business of meeting high professional standards of print quality.

They are also used to working with individuals, couples, and groups to make the formal portraits go smoothly. When you think about the cost of photography, remember that the photographer’s fee is only part of your investment: You, your parents, your extended family, and your friends will be investing time with the photographer during your wedding. Don’t waste time on your wedding day with a photographer who won’t produce results you love!

By speaking to him and making sure you are comfortable with the style of work, the equipment being used, and the promised results. The most important day of your life up until now should not be entrusted to “Uncle Charlie” just because he is doing it for free. We want you to feel as comfortable with hiring us as much as we want you to feel in front of our cameras on your wedding day. If you have any questions after reading through these frequently asked questions, just give us a call at: 850.974.2990.