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Destin Beach Wedding Services

Wherever you need us, we’ll be there.

Wedding Photography

Destination beach weddings are very popular with brides and grooms as well as their family and friends. They hold a certain sense of adventure and romance. Holding your wedding on the beach, especially on the beautiful shores of Destin, is a very romantic location to recite your vows to each other. Our Destin beach wedding services will help you make your dreams a reality.

We understand your wedding photography is very important to you and that you will want to hire the best company. After all, these formal portraits and candid moments will be the heirlooms you will cherish for the rest of your life.

You’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful destination beach wedding in Destin or the surrounding Emerald Coast beaches. Your groom has popped the question, and you said, “Yes!” Now it is time to make plans to make it the most special day of your life.

This can certainly be a daunting task, but it starts out rather simply – you need someone to perform the ceremony. Then you decide you want a nice background arch with drapes. Of course flowers for you and your bridesmaids.

Destin area beaches are hot and humid during the summer and you have parents and grand parents who might need to sit during your ceremony. The wind blows on the beach, will your family and friends be able to hear your vows? Do you want your favorite music to be played while everyone is being seated?

All of a sudden, your destination beach wedding has become a huge project! The whole point of getting married on the beach is to have a beautiful location without all of the hassle of having to book a church, and now you have discovered yourself with all of these details to work out.

Each wedding photography package includes full coverage of the ceremony and the family photos directly after the ceremony. Our photographer is also available for pre-wedding photography of you and your bridesmaids and family, even reception coverage. Upon request, we provide a full day of photography and include coverage at the hair or nail salon if you choose.

Please note that all of our Destin beach wedding packages include a certain number of images taken by our professional photographers. We do realize that every wedding is unique, so you may want to customize your wedding photography coverage. When we can help you iron out the details of exactly what YOU want. Photography only starts at $295.00.

Beach Wedding Minister

The most important part of your wedding day will be your recital of vows to each other, so why not plan to make it uniquely and beautifully yours? We work closely with our couples to create a service that best suits their own personality.

Do you want to include your children, parents, or your pets, hobbies or sports? Any thing that will enhance your experience can be beautifully combined into a ceremony that reflects who you are and how you feel about each other and your future life together. Be creative, be bold, and be be romantic.

We will bring your ideas to life to create a loving, elegant and unforgettable ceremony that fits the two of you perfectly. Our priority is to be certain you are comfortable with what you get.

We can help you create your vows.

Perhaps you haven’t thought of specific vows to recite. That’s completely fine. Some brides and grooms are more comfortable with using our own vows, and we are happy to collaborate and develop the perfect vows for your ceremony. We want to help you with the vows you dream of for your special day. With our ministers warm and caring manner, you will easily be able to relax and enjoy your ceremony.

All of our Destin beach weddings include a wedding minister for your wedding ceremony or vow renewal. We also have minister/officiant packages available. From the most private elopement to the most elegant of affairs, we can do them all. Our 35 years of experience gives us the skill to handle any wedding day “crisis” that may occur on your wedding day. Rest assured – your wedding is as important to us as it is to you.

We are a mobile, full-service Destin beach wedding services provider. We’ll meet you at your location, whether that is the beach behind your condo, resort, beach house or any of our state and county parks. Our minister/officiants perform beach wedding ceremonies everywhere from St. George Island, Florida to Fort Morgan, Alabama. Wherever you want to tie the knot, we’ll be there. We are insured and are Qualified Beach Vendors. Be sure you ask other companies if they are insured and hold a beach permit, as this is necessary for Destin beach wedding services.

It is our commitment to you that we will be responsive to your phone calls, emails and texts, and very respectful of your time and completely open to your ideas. It is our heartfelt desire to make your wedding a day you will cherish for your whole lifetime. Give us a call today at (850) 974-2990 and let us help you plan and celebrate your dream wedding today!

Wedding Video Production

Of all our Destin beach wedding services, videography is the best way to preserve all of the sights and sounds of your wedding day. From the very first establishing shots to the leaving at the end of the reception, nothing gives you a better record of your big day than a video!

Our professional videographers capture the HD video on DSLR cameras. We use wireless microphones to capture all of the sound sources. Usually the minister, groom, musicians, readers and singers all have wireless mics. This way you’ll be able to hear all of the things that transpired on your wedding day.

If you are using our outdoor sound system, we can even take an output from that for more up close audio. Your parents and grandparents will probably hear your vows better on your video than they could hear on the beach!

Beach wedding video is different than the average video production. First, there is the beach itself to contend with. There are a lot of different reasons for this, but the most obvious one is the lighting. Most church wedding videographers are recording in situations where the surrounding areas are darker than the bride and groom.

Usually for a beach wedding, it is just the opposite. The sand and the sky are brighter than the bride and groom. Remember all of your vacation videos where you could not make out the faces? This is why. The lighting on the beach changes constantly. A good videographer must be able to read the light and adapt to it as it changes. Recording beach wedding video takes a special talent. Don’t settle for smartphone quality video when you can have the best.

Video coverage starts at $295.00. Our beach wedding videographers can also record pre-wedding and receptions. Some of the most memorable wedding footage has been during the toasts and on the dance floor! All of our videos include professional editing.

For any questions about our Destin beach wedding services, please call us at (850) 974-2990, email us at or visit our FAQ page.

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