A Winter Beach Wedding in Destin?

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Destin is always a good idea, regardless of the season. Whether you live in the Florida Panhandle or you are planning a destination wedding, you can be sure to have the time of your life. When we think of Destin beach weddings, we imagine summer right away. But what if we told you that you can have the whole package, or even better, in winter time? Discover why having a winter beach wedding in Destin is an excellent idea. Here’s a few reasons.

1. Destin is still warm in the winter.

Don’t listen to the locals – we’re spoiled. January and February are the coldest months, with the highest temperatures on an average of 62 degrees. In November and December temperatures can raise to 75 degrees. No snow, almost no rain. It will be time to grab your t-shirt and shorts and go to the beach, where sometimes the water temperature can be almost as warm as during summer.

2. A Destin winter beach wedding is 100% budget-friendly.

Planning your wedding in winter, means you will have a lot more budget friendly prices. The rental prices for the private condos will drop, as well as for your reception. Getting married in winter is a good strategy for having more for less money.

If you have not envisioned a snow landscape on your winter wedding photos, Destin is the place to go. You can definitively have a summer look in December and not be freezing to death. And all of that, for a fraction of the cost of the high season.

3. More intimate – the city is less crowded during winter.

Summer months are the most crowded in Destin, so if you have imagined a more intimate setting, winter will be perfect for you. Almost all of the summer time activities stay open through out the winter. You can go to the beach, enjoy the heated pool, or even plan family meetings with the comfort of having plenty of space!

4. Destin has a lot to see and do during the winter season.

There are a lot of winter events on the Florida Panhandle: the Harvest Wine and Food Festival, the annual Christmas Tree Lightening, several music and theatre shows, Mardi Gras, other activities such as golf, dolphin cruises… and a lot more! If you are planning to elope or have a destination wedding and honeymoon in Destin, there is a lot to see and do!

5. There’s less competition for winter beach wedding dates.

Winter means less competition for your preferred dates. During summer months it’s important to start booking your wedding dates as soon as possible, usually 8 months up to 1 year in advance. But in winter time, it will be easier to have the ceremony the day and the hour you want.

The same applies to your reception venue and the condo you want to rent… and this means less stress for you! There is also a lower risk your guests have already another invitation for the same date, and they will be more available for your big day, especially if you choose a date around winter holidays.

Winter brings a bigger budget and more options, what else could we wish?

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