6 Tips to Remember When Planning a Marriage Proposal

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There is no wrong way to ask your special someone to marry you, but there are ways to make sure your marriage proposal is surprising, spectacular and special.

1. Choose a date, time or place that is important or memorable to your fiancé.

Is this date an anniversary of when you first met or started dating? Is it the location when you first kissed? Maybe you went flying or hot air ballooning that first time, climbed a mountain or went water skiing? Be sentimental. Maybe it is the place where you first said “I love you!” Make the occasion special while including something of your history together. Surprise proposals begin with something that one member of the couple does not expect.

2. Deciding whether your marriage proposal should be public or private.

If you are not sure whether your beloved would prefer to be in the spotlight for the marriage proposal for the whole world to see, or whether it would be better to do it in private, then you are going to VERY discreetly have to find out. Look at YouTube for how others have done it or ask friends and family whose secrecy can be trusted for their advice.

Be sure to have a plan to develop the proposal by thinking of things she can’t say no to. Be sure to find out her usual schedule so she won’t have business or social competition. ”You KNOW I can’t go Tuesday night because that is when my friends and I always have our girls night out.” Have a plan “B” to ensure every thing turns out all right. You don’t want to plan on proposing on the beach with fireworks in the background only to find out it is raining.

3. It is all right to have your trusted “wingman” help you with your planning and provide assistance on the proposal day.

You are going to be nervous and have your hands full on the big day. If you want this day to really stand out as one of the most spectacular moments of your future spouse’s life-take your assistant-he, she or “they” can meet you at the chosen location-on purpose or by “accident”.

4. Stick to an idea, not a script.

You will undoubtedly want to say all of the perfect things to her and how to say it. You can tell her all of the ways you love her and reflect on all of your shared memories of the places you have been to, the movies you have seen and the restaurants you have eaten at. Don’t write a script. If you say them from memory it will sound unnatural and forced instead of heartfelt and sincere.

5. Think about the reactions and what comes next.

What happens after your intended says, “YES” and after all the tears and jumping up and down. Be sure it is all right to be late for work that day or her parents or best friends are home so she can call them. You might even want to take a few minutes to bask in the glow of being engaged before returning to real life.

6. If you’re a guy about to propose to your girlfriend, tradition says you should approach her parents first to ask for her hand in marriage.

If you’re not the traditional type, however (and won’t be offending any of her family members who are), there’s nothing standing between you and your soon-to-be-fiancée, except maybe a mean case of the jitters. That said, once you slip the ring on her finger, you should call or visit both sets of parents before broadcasting your news to the wider, social-media world.

Bonus Tip

Be SURE to hire a photographer for the marriage proposal so the two of you can show the pictures to parents and friends. I promise you will not remember what was said. Hire a videographer! All of our couples joke and say, “I’m not even sure she said yes… it’s a blur!” By hiring a videographer, you’ll capture your future spouse’s response for all time. Years from now, think of how much fun you and your kids will have watching it!