Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies For An Unforgettable Beach Wedding

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We always say it; it’s the personalization you bring to your wedding that will make it meaningful and unforgettable for you and your guests. And sure, you want your wedding ceremonies to be a mirror of yourselves.

With our Destin beach wedding packages, you can always personalize your wedding ceremonies. We will give you some inspiration on rituals you can include, which will make your wedding ceremony even more special. Best of all is that these ceremonies will create a beautiful piece for your home décor – because you get a copy of your vows – which will always be there for your anniversary celebrations.

Unity Sand Ceremony

Destin Cruise Ship Weddings 07This ceremony is by far, one of the most beautiful ones to perform in Destin beach weddings. There are 2 glass flasks with sand; each filled with a different color. One symbolizes the bride, and her family, and the other one, the groom and his family. The bride and groom will then alternately blend the 2 colored sands in a heart shaped vase.

The sand in its different colors will then mix, symbolizing the union of the couple. It’s a very powerful image that will make your guests emotional. You can use Destin’s beach sand and don’t forget to choose beautiful music for this moment, and write some special vows that will make this ceremony even more meaningful.

Shell Blessing Ceremony

This is a nice way to include family members and guests as part of your ceremony. Shell blessings are done at the end of wedding ceremonies, after the the couple have been introduced as Husband and Wife.

Baskets of shells are passed around for each person in attendance to choose a shell from. The minister announces the family and friends will now go to the waters edge and ask that every person in attendance say a prayer or blessing for the bride and groom and their marriage. The groom counts to three and every one throws their shells into the water.

Time Capsule Ceremony

Pick a beautiful box and choose some items related to your wedding that you will keep inside: the paper you wrote your vows on, a headpiece from the bride and a bottle of wine from the year you are getting married, or the year you met.

Each of these items will symbolize something from your relationship. You then choose the year to open that box – for example, on your 5th anniversary. And then, remember all the things inside and their meaning, while drinking a good wine!

There are some other versions of this ceremony. The most common is to keep one or several wine or whisky bottles in a special box, together with new wedding vows, to open later on one of your anniversaries. You can even open the box on the 1st anniversary, write new vows, and reopen the box again 4 years later, for example. It’s a perfect ceremony to keep the celebration going!

Inspired by our ideas? We can help you in having a memorable Destin beach wedding, just contact us and tell us about your wedding!