Planning Your Religious Destin Beach Wedding

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Are you dreaming of a beach celebration, but you want to keep your wedding religious and follow the tradition? Here at Destin Florida Beach Weddings, we know how to create the perfect wedding to suit your needs.

Whether you want a beach or church ceremony, we will plan everything and make sure you have your perfect religious wedding. Our Destin beach wedding packages can be adapted and include elements of weddings from all religions. You can also create your own interfaith inspired wedding, honoring both families and your own faith.

Should I have a beach or church ceremony?

Depending on your religion, you can choose whether to have your ceremony at the beach or in the church. Jewish weddings can be held on the beach, as well as a protestant one, for example. But if you are having an official catholic wedding, it’s mandatory to get married in a church. Exceptions to this are only accorded in case of illness or other severe situations.

You can also choose to have a catholic-inspired ceremony on the beach. Readings from the bible can be included, as well as the religious vows. This is the perfect way to do the perfect match between your faith and your beach wedding vision, and it’s also perfect if for some reason you cannot get married in a church. Tell us about your wedding, and we will find or adapt the perfect Destin beach wedding package for you!

The Wedding Vows

Each religion has their specific vows. If you get married in the church, you will have to speak with the priest or pastor, to check if a personalization is possible. Different churches can have different policies on this matter.

If you decide to hold your ceremony on the beach with one of our wedding officiants, you can personalize your vows. Or you can start with the traditional religious wedding vows, and then complete with a text of your own. We also have plenty of wedding vow samples that you can choose from or use as the base in creating your own.

Practical Questions

It’s important to start your planning in advance. As soon as you get engaged, and especially if you want a specific date during the summer months or for the weekends; you should start booking the place for the ceremony and your venue. Most of the churches recommend  booking 6 to 8 months prior to your wedding date. For a church wedding, you will also have to attend a preparation course for marriage.

Are you planning a religious Destin beach wedding? Tell us more, and let us help you achieving your dream.