Top Communities You Must Visit During Your Destin Beach Honeymoon

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Planning a Destin beach wedding and a Destin beach area honeymoon?

Of the many places in the country that are perfect for a beach honeymoon, most people will definitely give credit to the 30A area. The beauty of the beach complemented by the many amazing communities along this highway will be the perfect place for your Destin beach honeymoon. So much so is this beauty, that the creators of the 1998 movie, the Truman Show starring Jim Carrey chose Seaside to shoot the movie. A majority of the filming did indeed take place at Seaside, Florida, one of the many communities along the highway.

1. Seaside, the perfect blend between old and new.

With its reputation set as the setting for the Truman Show, Seaside takes first place in our list of communities you have to visit during your honeymoon, along Hwy 30A. Have you ever seen those towns or estates that blend the old and new so well, that everybody falls in love with them? Well if you haven’t, you should definitely see Seaside estate! Seaside has kept up its characteristic of being a beautiful beachfront suitable for an entire community. The beautiful beach and the splendid architecture, work together to make this an amazing place! The “old” Seaside is characterized by the vintage Modica County store and the Seaside institute that was started in 1982. The amenities in Seaside are unlimited: over 9 amphitheaters for those summer concerts and, for example, the seaside Repertory theater to host all of those performances and visual arts events.

2. Santa Rosa Beach, a prime jewel on the Northwest Florida coast.

Standing proudly among America’s top 5 favorite towns is Santa Rosa Beach. This historic and culture filled town is a prime jewel on the Florida coast. The town was founded in the early 20th century and boasts of the best any coast town could possibly offer. It is home to an endless string of beach homes, smooth turquoise waters, and another surprising addition; a coastal forest. Famous for celebration of culture, the town has numerous amenities just like the other 30A communities.

3. WaterColor, the true testament to unspoiled beauty.

WaterColor proudly positions itself where the waters flowing from the Gulf of Mexico meet the radiant sandy beaches. This community gives you the feeling of preserved beauty. It’s Seagrove beach, beautiful gardens and the 220-acre western lake will be the most romantic setting for your honeymoon. The community hosts some of the most lavish coastal estates with some well thought out architecture. To really appreciate the town, rent a bicycle and see how the different parts of the town are well subdivided, with spectacular gardens, wood columns and porches.

4. Blue Mountain Beach, the perfect scenery for your honeymoon.

Set on the highest point along the entire 30A highway, it therefore guarantees to offer a unique experience of its own. The community is right next to the Point Washington State forest, but also gracefully slopes down onto the blue mountain beach. The beautiful alpine blue flowers, intrigue those looking into buying vacation rooms. Remember those awesome beach natural sceneries you always see on photos? You may just find most of them along Blue Mountain Beach. The local eateries and boutiques are a particular favorite among many of the visitors.

A collection of ice-cream flavors.

The different communities along the 30A highway are like a collection of ice-cream flavors. They are all so sweet and you want to try them all! They all have a unique characteristic that makes them beautiful. Experiencing it first hand is a treasured moment, and you will have the most amazing Destin beach honeymoon!

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