6 Great Reasons Why You Should Have a Videographer (or two) at Your Beach Wedding

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At some point when planning your wedding, you will ask yourself whether you want or not want a videographer at your wedding. It’s a budget related question, of course, and here at Destin Florida Beach Weddings we know it. That’s why we have a video option for all our wedding packages starting at just $300.

Still, organizing a wedding, most of the time with a limited budget, means to make some concessions. And why choose video coverage, when you already have an amazing photography service? Find 6 reasons here why you should hire a professional videographer for your beach wedding.

1. You Will Want to Hear the Sounds of Your Beach Wedding

You are planning a beach wedding in Destin, Florida. That equals the sound of the sea waves, seagulls and the trembling voice of your future husband while saying his vows. You will want to keep these sounds forever.

In the photos you will have a frozen moment in time of an ambiance or an emotion; in the video, you will have movement, and all the sounds that photos can’t capture. No matter how hard you shake that photograph, you can’t hear what was being said. If you have multiple camera coverage, you can even see your finished video from multiple angles!

2. Photo and Video Are Complementary and Give Different Perspectives

Photography and video are two complementary services: together they allow you to keep your wedding memories alive. Believe us, your special day will pass in the blink of an eye and you won’t see half of what is happening among your wedding guests. Worse yet, you won’t remember half the things you’ve said and the reactions you had! When you see your wedding photos and video, you will have a whole new perspective of your wedding day!

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3. Archive and Share Your Memories with Your Friends and Family Forever

A wedding is the foundation of a new blended family from 2 families. Life changes, people change, and who doesn’t love to see old pictures and videos, and see how the family was like in the good old days? Video helps keep track of reality.

It will be nice to share it with your friends and family present from that day, but also with your children and future generations.

Can you imagine how you would feel to be “at” your parents wedding so many years ago – just show your children your video! Wedding video will help you remember all the sights and sounds and personal interactions between your friends and family, in a very realistic way.

4. Documentary or Creative Video Editing Style, You Choose

Times have changed on wedding video. Some years ago, thinking about a wedding video was thinking about a long documentary type of video with minor editing. Nowadays, the trend is a shorter video, with creative editing and digital effects and the different moments of the day not necessarily in chronological order. A videographer tends to be more attentive to the small details. Editing makes all the difference in the storytelling of your special day, now, and as a memory in the future.

5. Regrets!

In days gone by, brides and grooms chose to go without video coverage quite often because they did not realize the value of the service. Polls show that where video as a wedding service was only 1 step above the limo driver, it is now in the top 3 services requested for today’s weddings!

You can opt for cheap coverage – uncle, grandfather, friends, cell phones, no tripods, no wireless audio equipment and excuses when their batteries do not work and many other maladies. Will you still be able to speak to your uncle when there is nothing to be delivered?

6. Do Something Unique, Tell Your Story!

All our Destin beach wedding packages can be customized. Feel free to ask to have something special done for your wedding. What about a special video to show at your 1st anniversary party? Maybe even a surprise for your future husband! It can be a romantic video with your love story, or a funny marryoke (a music video clip where you ask your guests to sing a song), everything is possible!

You deserve to keep the best memories of your special day! Know more about our beach wedding videographer services on our Destin beach wedding services.