5 Outstanding Destin Beach Wedding Themes You’ll Love

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All wedding themes can be turned into outstanding out-of-the box themes that your guests will remember for years to come. So what is the magic formula? The personal twist you add and the small details that are yours alone! We have gathered inspirations on 5 Destin beach wedding themes, which are all about Destin. Now it’s up to you to make your own personal version! Find the perfect elements to tell your love story!

1. Emeralds

The Emerald Coast gives you the motto for an emerald precious stone theme. Try a color palette with emerald green, white and gold, for a very elegant ambiance. Build your seating plan with some fake emeralds and gold letters. Consider emerald and gold cookies as wedding favors. The cake will also be like a precious stone, white with an emerald decoration. This is the most glamorous theme and will be perfect with our Black Sea Pearl Destin beach wedding package.

2. Fishing

Maybe it’s your or your future’s husband hobby, or you just want to honor your family’s traditions. The fishing theme offers a lot of possibilities and yes, it can be the most glamorous or romantic theme! You use a lot of related expressions (“the perfect catch”, “we got hooked”), and use ropes, galvanized buckets, and fishing accessories in the decorations. It’s a perfect theme for a rustic beach wedding, and it will be a perfect match with our Fabric Fairytale Destin beach wedding package.

3. Tropical Leaf

Having dark green as your base color and a monstera leaf as your main decorative element…the possibilities are endless! Tropical themes are very contemporary, and it’s perfect for every kind of wedding. Use leaves as fans for your guests and make your invitations and wedding programs with this tropical flair. Want to know more? Read our blog post on how to create your own ultimate tropical Destin beach wedding.

4. Message in a Bottle

Integrated on a navy theme or as the theme by itself, a message in a bottle is a beautiful element for a beach wedding. You can use it in your invitations, guest book, wedding favors, seating plan… In this theme the message becomes very important and gains strength. So you can include these elements also as table markers with inspirational phrases or even make some hide and seek games around the theme. It’s a perfect theme for a boho or romantic wedding, and our Sea Breeze Destin wedding package will give the poetic flair you are looking for.

5. Dolphins or Sea Turtles

This is a theme for animal sea lovers! You can include a dolphin or sea turtle watch activity in your wedding day! That will be the best way to make your guests live the theme fully and raise awareness on how to take care of nature. This is the ultimate Destin beach wedding theme, and even children will love it! The emerald coast has abundant wildlife and it’s the perfect place for nature lovers! You can have the most beautiful wedding cake with your preferred animals, and as wedding favors, you can make a donation to one of the wildlife protection institutions.
Liked our ideas? Just tell us about your wedding and let’s make your dream come true!