Wedding Video Productions

Memories in Motion

Why should video be an important part of your wedding package? Why should you have your wedding recorded by a professional? And why shouldn't you simply choose the lowest price and save money?

While a photograph can remind us of a wonderful moment in time, video adds motion and sound to the memory...helping you relive the event over and over. With video, you become a spectator, viewing the memory as though it was happening again right before your very eyes! Emotions unfold before you in voices, words, facial expressions, and body movements. With the sparkling color and clarity characteristic of high resolution videography, your precious memories vibrate with life.

To truly capture your precious moments in a way that will do them justice, a professional videographer is a must. Our attention to detail, expertise, and creativity allow us to assemble a polished, living record of your important day. Our professional attitude, DSLR high resolution cameras and wireless audio equipment guarantees you will have a high-quality image and sound, even allowing you to clearly hear the vows!

Now, we invite you to browse our video gallery to get a taste of what we offer. Please note, all of these clips have been compressed for the internet, and as such, their quality is much lower than what we deliver to our customers.