Destin Beach Wedding Photo Blog

Our Florida beach wedding

By Craig | Nov 9, 2008

We always wanted to get married on the beach and now we have done it.

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Monica and Craig’s Wedding

By Craig | Apr 10, 2007

Monica and Craig got married on the beach at Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island. It was a small wedding-just the officiant, bride and groom, and me. It also was a very touching ceremony where you could tell the two of them were definately in love. The sky was solid blue until sunset when the sky … Read more

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Annie and David

By Craig | Apr 9, 2007

Annie and David were a totally involved bride and groom…except for one thing-NEITHER of them liked to be in front of the camera! Both of them managed to put up with me and looked very good in their portraits.

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Heather-NHS High School

By Craig | Apr 6, 2007

Heather was a lot of fun to photograph. She was easy to work with in the studio, and exceptionaly willing to do anything in the outdoor photos at Florida Park in Valparaiso. I mean hanging upside down from the trees and posing on top of her car is pretty great!

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Lucy-CD Cover

By Craig | Apr 4, 2007

Lucy needed photographs for a CD cover. We took pictures in Florida Park in Valparaiso. She wanted something very prayerfull and uplifting and these were her final choices!

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Andrew-Rocky Bayou Christian School

By Craig | Apr 1, 2007
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Laura-Just the Basics

By Craig | Mar 28, 2007

Laura was a high school senior from Laurel Hill High School. She truly had the most beautiful hair and eyes that look right through you. She was very easy to photograph and got right into every pose I asked for.

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Tuxedo Portrait

By Craig | Mar 15, 2007

Jacob was a student at OWCC Charter School. He came into the studio to get a formal tuxedo shot and this is the result.

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Louise-Niceville High School

By Craig | Feb 26, 2007
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